Change Log

Version 0.8.0

  • Upgraded underlying wcssubs to version 3.8.7, and added a bug fix for repeat runs of coord conversion encountered when using images with polynomial distortion coefficients (thanks to Ralf Kotulla; this error not reproduced on Kubuntu).
  • Some updates to avoid using deprecated features in pyfits (so now require pyfits 3.3 or astropy 0.4) and matplotlib.
  • Added zapKeywords option when creating WCS objects in astWCS - this can help in dealing with some malformed FITS headers (the usual culprits are COMMENT or HISTORY keywords with unprintable characters).
  • Fixed an index bug in MAD, median that affected biweightScale, biweightLocation calculations in astStats (small shift in values that ought to be insignificant in to any result that relies on the use of the biweight).
  • Some improvements in astCalc (using scipy for integration, tl2z and tz2z now throw exceptions for negative values).

Version 0.7.0

  • Python 2.6-3.2 now supported.
  • Fixed bug in effective wavelength calculation (1 per cent effect depending on band).
  • Changed h, m, s in image plot labels to non-italic.
  • Added choice of interpolation used in ImagePlot.
  • Added OmegaLz, OmegaRz, and updated Ez, Ez2 functions to account for radiation density.
  • Added shiftRADec function.
  • Added a workaround for bug in handling ZPN projections if PV2_3 == 0.
  • Updated astWCS to avoid using a depreciated function in pyfits 3.0+.

Version 0.6.1

  • Bug fix: doing e.g. 'from astLib import astWCS' no longer imports e.g. pylab from the other modules.

Version 0.6.0

  • Thanks to an upgrade of the WCSTools C-routines, WCSs with polynomial distortion coefficients (i.e. with PVi_j type header keywords) are now supported transparently (thanks to Wes Fraser for help with this).
  • Fixed bug with handling WCSs with SIP distortion coefficients (i.e. A_i_j, B_i_j type header keywords; thanks to L.W. Piotrowski for this one).
  • Fixed convergence bug in astCoords.calcRASearchBox() at high declination.
  • Fixed scalebar length bug and placement of scalebar and compass objects in plots should be much improved.

Version 0.5.0

  • astWCS.WCS.wcs2pix() now gracefully handles RA wraparounds in e.g. CEA images that cover > 180 degrees
  • Added routines to convert from Jy <-> AB mag (Jy2Mag, mag2Jy) in astSED
  • Some miscellaneous bug fixes in astSED - renamed renormaliseToMag() -> normaliseToMag(), fixed BC03Model() to read galaxevpl files with arbitrary number of ages, force age > 0 in makeModelSEDDict()
  • Fixed bug parsing non-standard FITS headers in astWCS.WCS
  • Added more input unit options to astSED.Passband()
  • Added astCoords.calcRASearchBox() function (handy for freeform SQL queries of e.g. SDSS, UKIDSS)

Version 0.4.0

  • astPlots.ImagePlot now works under python 2.6 - this bug was related to the WCS <-> pixel coordinate conversion routines handling of numpy arrays (now fixed).
  • Fixed tick label bug in astPlots.ImagePlot around dec == +/- 00 degrees, when using sexagesimal labels (thanks Toby).
  • astCoords.calcAngSepDeg() now accepts and returns arrays - this makes it easy (and fast) to sort a bunch of objects by radial distance from some point.
  • Removed the astSED.SED.calcAbsMag(), astSED.SED.calcAppMag() functions and replaced with astSED.SED.calcMag(), with option to add distance modulus.
  • Fixed bug in flux calculation from SEDs.
  • Vega and AB SEDs are now in physical units. Added Sun (SOL) SED.
  • Can now apply Calzetti et al. (2000) extinction law to SED objects.
  • Rewritten, fast SED fitting code in astSED module. Several new related functions (flux2Mag(), mag2Flux() etc.)
  • Changed astImages.clipImageSectionWCS() and astImages.clipUsingRADecCoords() to additionally return the corresponding pixel coordinates in the parent image to the clipped section.

Version 0.3.2

  • Fixed bugs in, example scripts.
  • Fixed bug when handling HIERARCH keywords (thanks to Stefano). This also fixes bug when handling headers made by (I believe).
  • Added TopHatPassband class to astSED.
  • Changed so that PIL only imported in the couple of routines it is needed by (and got rid of annoying warning message when PIL not installed).
  • Fixed the occasional rounding error appearing in astPlot axis labelling.
  • Improved default y-axis scaling for astSED plotting function. Added SED integrate function.
  • Added astCalc.dVcdz() - calculates volume element for given cosmology and redshift.
  • Some updates in the astSED module to work with changes in scipy 0.7.x interpolation routines.
  • Fixed astImages.scaleImage() to work with CRDELTi keywords (thanks to Ben Keller for this).
  • Some code has been added towards fitting SEDs in the astSED module - this code is not fully tested yet (astSED.fitSEDDict()).

Version 0.3.1

  • Fixed bug in contour overlays so should now work on any image with any valid WCS that WCSTools understands.
  • Speeded up contour overlay generation significantly - can select a "high accuracy" mode that is similar to the old method.
  • Fixed bug when parsing FITS headers with extra long header cards (as can be found in e.g. headers of some Chandra images). Previously, these would cause the coordinate conversion routines to fail.
  • Added cross and diamond plot symbols to ImagePlot.
  • Added scale bar to ImagePlot.
  • Changes such as adding plot objects or contour overlays in ImagePlot now cause the plot to be redrawn - i.e. calling ImagePlot.draw after such changes is no longer necessary.
  • Rewritten coordinate axes labelling in ImagePlot - should now be much more robust, and automatically choose sensible tick steps. If it doesn't, it can now be overridden using the RATickSteps, decTickSteps parameters. Dropped option for minor tick marks for now.
  • Added clipUsingRADecCoords, resampleToTanProjection to astImages module.
  • Fixed bug in astCoords conversion from decimal to dms/hms: previously, sometimes seconds in dms/hms could equal 60.00 instead of 00.00.

Version 0.3.0

  • Added the astSED module.
  • Fixed bug in astImages.clipImageSectionWCS, where if returnWCS = False, didn't return data.
  • Added NUMPY_MODE to astWCS and enabled it by default (i.e., WCS pixel coordinates are now zero indexed).
  • Tidied up astImages clipping routines - now return dictionaries with keys 'data', 'wcs' (instead of 'clippedData', 'clippedWCS' as previously). Also, clipping routines can now clip rectangles if given a list in format [width, height].
  • Removed astPlots finderChart, contourOverlayChart macros and replaced them with a new ImagePlot class. This has a much better, simpler but more flexible interface with several new features (e.g. overplotting objects with RA, dec. coords).
  • Now raising exceptions rather than printing error messages and exiting when things go wrong.
  • Added several new miscellaneous functions across the modules.
  • Added new example scripts.
  • Added a warning about potential locale problems for locales where decimal point separator is not '.'.