Documentation - Version 0.2.0

Basic Usage

To access the routines in the astLib modules, simply:

from astLib import astCalc
from astLib import astCoords
from astLib import astImages
from astLib import astPlots
from astLib import astStats
from astLib import astWCS

Documentation (generated by epydoc) is available for each module through the links above. Alternatively, click here to open the documentation index in a new window.

The astWCS module currently provides access to what are (I think) the most commonly needed WCS information and functions (such as converting between pixel and WCS coordinates etc.). However, should you wish to access the wrapped WCSTools routines themselves directly:

from PyWCSTools import wcs
from PyWCSTools import wcscon


Note that PyWCSTools only includes some functions from wcs.c and wcscon.c at present. For examples
of usage, look at the Python code for the astLib.astWCS module. Documentation for the WCSTools subroutines can be found here.


Some interactive examples
Documentation for example scripts