Release Notes

Version 0.3.2

Major bug fixes:

  • astWCS.WCS now handles HIERARCH keywords without crashing.
  • Occasional rounding errors on astPlot axis labels when in sexagesimal mode should now be gone.
  • Fixes to, example scripts.

For other miscellaneous changes and enhancements, see the change log.

Version 0.3.1

New in this release:

  • Faster contour overlay generation code enabled by default (an optional, slower "high accuracy" mode can alternatively be selected instead). Fixed a regression introduced in 0.3.0 that stopped contour generation working over images with headers without CDi_j matrices.
  • Fixed bug when parsing FITS headers with extra long header cards (as can be found in e.g. headers of some Chandra images). Previously, these would cause the coordinate conversion routines to fail.
  • Added some extra plot objects to ImagePlot (new plot symbols, a scale bar).
  • Rewritten coordinate axes labelling in ImagePlot - should now be much more robust, and automatically choose sensible tick steps. If it doesn't, it can now be easily overridden.
  • Added clipUsingRADecCoords, resampleToTanProjection to astImages module.

Version 0.3.0

New in this release:

  • The astSED module - a module for calculating colours, magnitudes from spectral energy distributions (SEDs). Currently, this supports the Bruzual & Charlot (2003) and Maraston (2005) stellar population models. It is not very optimised at present.
  • The new ImagePlot class - this replaces the old plotting routines in the astPlots module. ImagePlot has a simpler and more flexible interface, and supports RGB images, overplotting object symbols (with coordinates specified in R.A., dec.), and contour overlays.
  • Revised clipping routines in astImages - now return dictionaries with keys 'data', 'wcs' (instead of 'clippedData', clippedWCS'), and can now clip rectangular image sections.
  • New example scripts.
  • Several other new functions, bug fixes and enhancements - see documentation for details.