Package astLib
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Package astLib

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astLib - python astronomy modules

(c) 2007-2012 Matt Hilton

(c) 2013-2014 Matt Hilton & Steven Boada

See the README file for information on usage and installation. See the LICENSE file for information on distribution.

Version: 0.8.0

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  • astLib.astCalc: module for performing common calculations
  • astLib.astCoords: module for coordinate manipulation (conversions, calculations etc.)
  • astLib.astImages: module for simple .fits image tasks (rotation, clipping out sections, making .pngs etc.)
  • astLib.astPlots: module for producing astronomical plots
  • astLib.astSED: module for performing calculations on Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs)
  • astLib.astStats: module for performing statistical calculations.
  • astLib.astWCS: module for handling World Coordinate Systems (WCS)

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