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Class BC03Model

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StellarPopulation --+

This class describes a Bruzual & Charlot 2003 stellar population model, extracted from a GALAXEV .ised file using the galaxevpl program that is included in GALAXEV. The file format is white space delimited, with wavelength in the first column. Subsequent columns contain the model fluxes for SEDs of different ages, as specified when running galaxevpl. The age corresponding to each flux column is taken from the comment line beginning "# Age (yr)", and is converted to Gyr.

For example, to load a tau = 0.1 Gyr burst of star formation, solar metallicity, Salpeter IMF model stored in a file (created by galaxevpl) called "csp_lr_solar_0p1Gyr.136":

bc03model = BC03Model("csp_lr_solar_0p1Gyr.136")

The wavelength units of SEDs from BC03 models are Angstroms. Flux is converted into units of erg/s/Angstrom (the units in the files output by galaxevpl are LSun/Angstrom).

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__init__(self, fileName) source code

Inherited from StellarPopulation: calcEvolutionCorrection, getColourEvolution, getMagEvolution, getSED

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__init__(self, fileName)

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