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Class M05Model

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StellarPopulation --+

This class describes a Maraston 2005 stellar population model. To load a composite stellar population model (CSP) for a tau = 0.1 Gyr burst of star formation, solar metallicity, Salpeter IMF:

m05csp = astSED.M05Model(M05_DIR+"/csp_e_0.10_z02_salp.sed_agb")

where M05_DIR is set to point to the directory where the Maraston 2005 models are stored on your system.

The file format of the Maraston 2005 simple stellar poulation (SSP) models is different to the file format used for the CSPs, and this needs to be specified using the fileType parameter. To load a SSP with solar metallicity, red horizontal branch morphology:

m05ssp = astSED.M05Model(M05_DIR+"/sed.ssz002.rhb", fileType = "ssp")

The wavelength units of SEDs from M05 models are Angstroms, with flux in units of erg/s/Angstrom.

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__init__(self, fileName, fileType='csp') source code

Inherited from StellarPopulation: calcEvolutionCorrection, getColourEvolution, getMagEvolution, getSED

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__init__(self, fileName, fileType='csp')

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Overrides: StellarPopulation.__init__